Spotlight Background Blur Suggestion

Hey Antonin, I just upgraded to Yosemite and everything is working amazingly for TotalFinder - THANKS!
I have a suggestion, but I’m not sure if this fits in TotalFinder. Nonetheless, here goes…

When I go to search with my spotlight now, the search box comes up in the center of the screen. To be honest if you have a lot of white/light grey windows open, the spotlight search box kind of gets lost into the background tone of color as the other windwos. Now, some people might tell me to switch to the “dark” mode of the menubar/dock, but 1) some of the menubar applications I use haven’t updated their display for that, and 2) if I am in a code editor like sublime text 2 or photoshop with the dark interfaces (which I like), do the exact same thing.

I was wondering if you could make some sort of addition to have an overlay background behind the spotlight search bar, above all other windows that would fade out the colors of the background (maybe even with a customizable blur level) using the blur/transparency found in the new interface (or like when a user login is displayed).

Is this something for Total Finder?