Status bar in latest update

I cannot get the status bar to appear with the latest updates (.18 was the last one that worked). I tried toggle it from the Finder view menu but nothing happens. Am I missing something?

Interesting. I did some changes to the way how views are rearranged. It could affect status bar. But you must have some edge case, because I don’t see complains from other people and it works here on my machine.

What system do you have? Mountain Lion?

Yes. I have 3 ML 10.8.4 systems on 15" Retina Powerbooks that all exhibit the same problem.

What other information can I provide?

I played around but no luck. I normally use a column view but I can’t get the status bar to show in List, Icon or Cover Flow either. I don’t use the side bar or the path bar but toggling them didn’t help either. Let me know what else I can tell you.

Anyone? I am really out of ideas.

Tomorrow I will do review of the related code. And I will try to make it more robust. I think in your case I think the status bar is always hidden (for some strange reason).

Yes, that certainly appears to be the case. But it was enabled when I installed the update.

And let me know if you need any more information. I would be happy to run some tests for you.

I have just fixed the bug. When toolbar+sidebar are hidden, the status bar is displayed at the top of the file listing. My code didn’t anticipate this situation and I simply missed it during testing. It worked fine for most people who use Finder with toolbar shown.

Thanks for helping me to fix this (I will do a new release of .24 on Thu or Fri on the beta channel).

Ah! Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

.24 works again for me. Thank you very much.

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