Stonger contrast between tabs

Can’t work without TotalFinder, bravo!
The only detail i would love it to have, is a harder contrast between active tabs (the 2 that are visible open) and the other ones (background ones). It would be fantastic if the non active tabs were much darker.
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This should be pretty easy to implement. Do you use Chrome browser? Is there any option to achieve this. I would mimic it in TotalFinder.

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Love the idea, hmm I thought Chrome did this by default. Not sure there is a specific option but YES mimic that feature would be great.

Hi, thanks for answering. I do not know about Chrome but yes depending on the theme you use in Chrome it is like this. The active tab is bright and the other are unsaturated ≈ with less bright colours!
In the Finder with TotalFinder it is not so obvious and i always have to read, when it would be super cool to have the active 2 tabs like they are now but the other with text grey (for instance) and background lighter.
it’s just a suggestion!
Thanks for your tools —

It would be better to use different colours altogether than to decrease the contrast. Some of us have a problem with seeing things in low contrast.