Stripped down version of TS2

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This probably seems like a weird feature request. But something I really would appreciate is a stripped-down version of TS2. TS2 contains way too many features I don’t use. For example the extended space system. I just need the default ones. But the one feature which I really like is that you can disable the space switch animation. And this is also the only thing which I really need. Nothing more. It really annoys me that macOS doesn’t have a built-in setting for this to just completely disable the space switch animation. The only known tools to me being able to do exactly this are TS2 and partial yabai. But both, yabai and TS2 contain so much overheat. I really only need a tool to disable space animations. I already bought TS2. So why do you not just release a subtool for folks who already bought TS2 which does exactly this and nothing more. No additional layout management. I would really appreciate this.

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@Noim This is built in to macOS already.

System Preferences > Accessibility > Display: Reduce motion

From the macOS User Guide (access by clicking the “?” button in lower right corner of System Preferences):
Reduce motion:
Stop or reduce the movement of elements on the screen—for example, when you open apps, switch between desktops, or open and close Notification Center.

This is not what I meant. I mean zero animation and delay. Instant switch.

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Agreed, reduce motion isn’t really reduced motion, in fact I alerady filed a bug report with Apple about it. I have had to stop using TS2 because it caused kernel panics and Apple refuses to look at any issues related to it :confused:

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I mean, I don’t really want to disable all animations. Just this one, because it slows down my productivity. I know that binaryage knowns how to do this. So why not sell this as software too?

Or a feature which syncs the spaces automatically with the default macOS spaces. This would prevent things like this:

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 18.54.27

I just added a space via macOS. TS2 should automatically change to this without opening the TS2 settings:

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 18.55.38

I only use one row and just add or remove spaces. It is annoying that I need to adjust this via TS2 again and again.