Stuttering window dragging

Running macOS Sierra here and the latest version of TotalSpaces. I noticed that after running TotalSpaces for a while (days, weeks) without rebooting, simple window dragging (moving them around on the desktop) begins to be lagging/stuttering. This makes dragging windows around really unpleasant and is generally quite annoying. I then noticed that restarting TotalSpaces fixes the problem, so the issue seems to be related to TotalSpaces. Anyone experienced the same problem? Is there a way to fix this other than the good old turn-it-off-and-on-again?

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The thing about quitting TotalSpaces is that it causes a restart of Apple’s Dock process (so we make sure that Dock is clean of TotalSpaces code).

This has the consequence that any problem between Dock and the windows server might be solved by this.

Now it may be that TotalSpaces is leaking memory and causing a slow down of some sort, but it is also possible that the issue is on Apple’s side.

That said, I did fix some small memory issues in the latest version of TotalSpaces, so I think it would be worth updating if you have not already done so.

I would like to second this issue. I’m running macOS Seirra, latest version of TotalSpaces, and every couple of days I have to kill and start TotalSpaces to get the window moving/resizing working fluidly again.

This is on a new 15" MPBr hooked up to a 5k screen. I’m running a pretty vanilla installation of Sierra, I’m fairly certain TotalSpaces is the culprit here (but I still love it).

Same thing here… Windows Server spikes to nearly 80% usage and stays there till I quite TotalSpaces 2