Suggestion: close a tab with a three finger tap

This would be equivalent to closing a tab by clicking the middle button using a mouse, but on a trackpad, which is what I’m using most of the time.

[OSX 10.9.5; TotalFinder 1.6.27]

It may be slightly uncool to come to a software company’s support forums and recommend software provided by a different company (although, in this case I’m recommending additional software to work in concert with the software we’re talking about, not a replacement for it!), but I super duper highly recommend you check out BetterTouchTool. (it’s not my software - this is not shameless self-promotion, I swear!) BetterTouchTool lets you assign custom gestures to a wide variety of actions (or any keystroke). It would let you accomplish exactly what you seem to be asking for, without having to wait for the folks at binaryage to build it in as a feature for you. For example, I use BetterTouchTool to navigate my spaces grid using up/down/left/right (five-finger) swipes on the trackpad, which is not a feature TotalSpaces provides out-of-the-box, but is totally something I would ask for if I didn’t know about BTT.


I’m already using BetterTouchTool, for a long time (more than TotalFinder perhaps).

  1. I meant that the gesture would be a 3-finger tap directly on the tab title (where the X button is on - not the whole window!)

  2. I am not aware of other software that uses this kind of gesture which is related to file management, as I am using only TotalFinder.

  3. The middle button already does this - on a rMBP, there is no middle click. And no, cannot use BTT because I don’t want the tab to be closed if I happened to tap with 3 fingers by mistake because I already use this gesture.

Edit: I was experimenting with my setup and got it working fine with BTT.