Suggestion - Monitor Profiles

Ok, the latest version of total spaces is extremely useful. I’ve been using the product since BETA and was pretty happy that it supported Mavericks Spaces/Desktop solution. I’m hopping a future version can make a small improvement that will be very useful.

When I’m at work I use two monitors with my main monitor being the secondary. At all other times I use my laptops screen as my main monitor. It would be nice if TotalSpaces could auto detect monitor profiles and adjust the spaces layout.

Work Configuration
Dell 27" 2x2
Laptop 1x2

Home configuration
Laptop 2x2 (ignore space 5)

For as its pretty simple I just adjusted my layout everytime I switch monitor configs, but hopping it could one day be automated.


Yes, agree, it could be useful.

Mavericks does go to some effort to remember your config, but doesn’t do it properly.