Support for Magic Mouse Gestures?

Not sure if this has been discussed before, but is there a plan/is it even possible to have magic mouse gestures for switching between spaces?

Example: (Swipe between full-screen apps in the More Gestures section)

Yes, I tried to implement it once, but it wasn’t really possible. I couldn’t make them work well with apple’s own gestures. And the standard multi-finger swipes don’t work well with the mouse.

Sorry about that.

I have just come across this:

It’s an extension to allow custom Magic Mouse gestures and shortcuts, I will try it out and maybe that solves the problem.

Thanks Stephen!

Not sure I grasp the issue perfectly, but I have been using the combination BetterTouchTool-TotalSpaces; not perfect for the Magic Mouse (better on trackpad), but I have found my own way of working with it which allows me to use TotalSpaces AND Apple functions (e.g. show desktop, launchpad, even mission control which can be useful in some cases, e.g., when I want to go full screen with an app which creates an additional space, to quickly close another space) via BetterTouchTool.