Swiping Bug: delay and freezing (Problem now resolved ^^)

EDIT: Never mind, looks like the problem was those settings - once I completely unchecked the settings (to disable) mission control, app expose, and swiping between apps (rather than just changing the gesture from 4 to 3 fingers) the problem completely went away :smiley:

EDIT 2: This was the original post, for anyone else experiencing the same bug:
I seem to have encountered a bug with TotalSpaces2 on Mavericks - after activating the grid view/expose, I am unable to use the 4 finger swipe gesture to move between different desktop spaces correctly. After going into grid view/expose, it will only register my first swipe correctly; any further swipes cause it to lock up for 5-10 seconds, after which an additional swipe will cause it to activate every swipe it previously ignored and would not execute.

I wonder if you are triggering a system swipe of some sort?

Can you check your trackpad preferences to see if there is anything set there that might conflict with TotalSpaces?

@Drazcmd - not to be a pain, but in the future, when an issue you raise is resolved, could you leave the original post in place? Editing the OP and thread title and removing all mention of what the original problem was will make it hard for other people searching the forums to find the help they may need.

Sorry if I’m out of line - I’m certainly not the forum boss :). Just trying to keep in mind other users who may have the same problem in the future.

No worries, I have changed them back; also, I figured out exactly what was confusing me at first. When I first tried messing around with the mission control and expose settings on my own to see if they were causing the issue, I didn’t fully disable them; I just rebound them to use a different gesture (3 finger swipe) while total spaces used 4 finger swipe. However, even with different gesture inputs, it still caused the delay bug in total spaces; the solution was completely disabling those 3 settings in the settings->trackpad->more gestures. Thankfully, it appears this bug only occurs when those 3 settings are bound to a trackpad gesture (and therefore through that particular settings menu); going through settings ->mission control and binding app expose to the right option key allows me to use 4 finger swipe for total spaces and still access app expose perfectly fine ^^

I use three finger up and down for mission control and expose, and 4 finger for TS, so it should work - but those mission control prefs can be uncooperative sometimes - particularly if you have 3 finger drag enabled (enabling it silently changes the other settings).

That’s odd then, I just went and tested everything again to double check and was still getting the delay bug when trying to use both TS and a swipe gesture for mission control or app expose (i.e. if I bind mission control or app expose to 3 fingers while TS is on four fingers - even with 3 finger drag off - the weird bug occurs). This isn’t a problem for me anymore, since I’m using appexpose on right option anyways (and having no problems there), but I thought I’d let you know.

My computer is a latest generation 15inch rmbp, if that helps at all.

Ok thanks. Let’s see if anyone else has the problem, or if I find a way to reproduce it.