Switching Dark to Light Restarts Finder (or crashes TF)




I noticed that when you switch modes (Dark < > Light) it causes Finder to restart OR it crashes TotalFinder. Either outcome you need to remember to restart TF.

Can that be resolved ??


Hi, I confirm that this is a bug, because someone else reported it over email. I will look into it and fix it in next release. Thanks for reporting.


What release do you expect to have the fix ? Looks 1.11.3 still causing the crash on dark< >light switches. Will try reboot to see if that resolves it.


So it must be something else. Could you find a relevant crash report and send it to me to support@binaryage.com? Thanks.

It does not crash here on my systems.


I just tried it again and still same issue, no crash other than it looks like a Finder restart.

Totally consistent on my system (both ways Light and Dark switches).


Happy to assist , let me know how I can help debug for you.

I just tried turning off coloured sidebar icons and same issue. I notice that my desktop icons refresh every mode switch. Just like a classic Finder restart.

No other error message and nothing on console. I will try my iMac later and see if the issue is there also. But on the MacBook 100% restart both ways.

UPDATE :- I tried on my iMac 2015 with GA Mojave and latest TF and same issue, looks like a classic Finder restart and no signs of a crash. This goes both ways Light < > Dark.


This is really interesting. One other user reported very similar issue over an email.

@Recuerom Could you please follow this and send me your diagnostics file to support@binaryage.com?



One theory could be that Finder.app has some code path which simply deliberately restarts Finder.app on dark mode switch. This could be used only in some edge case when they are not able to switch the UI in-place. That would be why only few people experience this. But this theory still seems quite unlikely.


Thank you for the investigative work on this one. Found the culprit, DFX has an option to add a button to the Finder toolbar and it is the code responsible for restarting Finder. Turned off that option (as it is a duplication) and TF/DFX and dark/light mode switches are all good.