Sync grids behaviour

Hey there.

First of all: Totalspaces for me is the #1 mac productivity app, it is way worth it’s money and saves so much time - thanks a lot!

I work with a triple monitor setup and sometimes need to change just 1 of them to a different space. That’s why i have “Sync grids” in settings disabled.

But a lot of times I want to switch all 3 monitors to the same space (from #1 to #2 on all 3 monitors for example). Would it be possible to use a modifier key (for example “shift”) and while holding that key it moves all monitors (like sync grid setting enabled) and without pressing that key it just changes the single monitor?

I tried to solve this problem with shortcuts, but it is not possible to give each monitors’ spaces a seperate shortcut so i could run a script to change all 3.

p.s. sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

edit: i see there already is a quite similiar question on Feature request: Lock one space , sorry for that

edit #2: This solution solves it for me Shortcut for "Sync Grids"? bound the script to fn key with Bettertouchtool. Thanks!

Yes, correct, I had a similar feature request. And good you found something that works for you!