Tab between windows in dual mode?

I’m wondering if there’s a way to tab between windows in dual mode?

When I have a file/folder highlighted in the left window, the highlighted file/folder in the right wondow is grey. What I’d like to be able to do is ie tab/arrow right/left to switch between these highlighted files/folders. If there is no file selected on the right side it could default to the top line item.
This would all mean less mousing and also the possibility to copy/paste etc purely with key commands.

A nice addition to this tabbing between ‘live’ files/folders might be to highlight the ‘live’ left/right sidebar accordingly.

Does that all make sense and seem useful to anyone else?

btw loving the new beta in Mavericks, thanks!

OPT+TAB should work for you in dual mode

WOW, thanks Darwin! How come I’d never seen this before? Another reason why TF is still streets ahead of Apple’s lame 10.9 finder tabs.