Tab bug when connecting to server

When connecting to a server (Finder > cmd + K), your current tab is replaced by two “native” MacOS tabs.

Suggestion for a update: when a new TotalFinder tab is opened

  • a new TotalFinder tab opens with the server folder active
  • the tab you were on before connecting to a server folder, will stay as an inactive tab (just like when you open a new ‘regular’ folder).

Would it be possible to incorporate this in a next version?

Running latest MacOS 10.13.3 and TotalFinder 1.10.7

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I have just experienced the same issue (macOS 10.12.6, TotalFinder 1.10.9) and would love to see this fixed in one of the next versions.


PS: Thanks for doing an awesome job on TotalFinder :+1:

I confirm. This should be easy to do. I will try to handle this case.


Just curious, I am still experiencing this problem, was hoping the upgrade to 1.11 would solve this. Do you think you would be able to crack this one? Would be great and really appreciated!
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