Tab Lag in Yosemite

Total Finder seems to have a lag when I’m switching through tabs in Yosemite. This is somewhere around 1 sec to 2 seconds and it gets really annoying when I have lots of tabs.
What I noticed is that this doesn’t happen right away. For example, if I open 2 tabs and switch through them they work fine but if I minimize or forget about the whole thing and I surf the web or do anything else for a couple of minutes and then I get back to Finder I start getting this annoying lag.

Also, if I’m on the tabs that lag (it usually seems to be the older tabs that lag) and switch the folder in that tab and then go back to the folder where I previously was then I notice that If I start switching tabs again it works fine and without lag.

This issue is really annoying and I really can’t use TotalFinder because of this, please help. I’m using the 1.6.17 beta version.

Anyone? I’d appreciate some support, I purchased this app and now I can’t use it…

I have exactly the same problem, but the thing is that it’s probably a Yosemite problem. I tried uninstalling Total Finder and I still get the lag with the regular finder windows. This is completely new for me: having to wait when I browse my files… this is very frustrating because I have a Retina MacBook Pro which has a SSD, so the lag doesn’t come from the file system itself. It seems to come from the implementation of the Finder in Yosemite or maybe was there a change in NTFS? I’m very very frustrated with Apple for that. It just seems like a scam to make me buy a new computer, but a i7 processor with a great graphic card and 16g of ram shouldn’t lag for many things. All other apps are fine, all other Apple apps are fine.

Maybe Total Finder’s author knows something about it?

@david_treblig I don’t have have a lag problem when using regular Finder and I’m on a 2010 macbook pro with i5.
It seems to be a Total Finder issues that no one in the Binaryage team cares to look into. Very poor support, perhaps an @admin can help pass this issue to the development team?
I’m using Xtrafinder with no problems but it looks a bit ugly.

In your case, with your configuration, there shouldn’t be any problems. Have you tried a PRAM and VRAM reset?

@Flash I have reset PRAM, VRAM, repaired permissions, etc. Everything that should do it. I even thought it was lagging because of the transparency effect at one time (then that would be a problem with the graphic card which wouldn’t suprise me coming from Apple).

I just can’t seem to find a new path of explanation.

Yeah, same issue here. Makes it ‘almost’ unusable. I’ve been dealing with it and trying to find a solution. Anytime I have two tabs merged and anytime I go to those tabs, it hangs for a few seconds, and then pops off those tabs from the main Finder window. Switching between tabs, will sometimes be so much lag, that an individual tab will come off the main Finder window too. Sometimes the tabs get screwed up too, like tabs on top of each other and not allowing access to those tabs. I have to close all windows and then open them all back up again.