Tabs Disappeared

Anyone can help troubleshoot this?

The tabs disappeared and I’m also missing the closing / minimizing round buttons to the left…

I uninstalled and re-installed already :frowning:

Thank you!

This is really weird. Could you look into and filter “All Messages” with Finder keyword. Do you see any suspicious/error logs there?

Also what is your macOS version?

I have so many errors :joy:

I tried uninstall and re-install again but the same issue persists :frowning:

Those messages are unrelated. You should try to filter everything mentioning “finder”.

Also you could try to wipe your finder/totalfinder settings out, run this in terminal:

^ this will also delete your license and any other settings in the plists

That fixed it!
Thank youuuu!!

Sounds like something weird was lurking in your plist files :slight_smile: