Tabs unresponsive since TotalFinder 1.11.8 update

Since the TotalFinder 1.11.8 update, tabs on my mac are unresponsive if i do not have the finder window active for 10 mins. Also, the folder names disappear from the tab. I am using High Sierra. Here is a screenshot…

Hard to tell what went wrong.

Could you please send me your diagnostics report as described here?


Similar (but possibly different) incident here, although in my case only 1 tab gets unresponsive. Occasionally, the moment I activate the Visor the active tab shows up for an instant and then disappears, leaving an empty tab like the screenshot above. It seems to happen regardless of the time the Visor was inactive (it can happen in a minute, but it could also not happen after hours of inactivity).
I will send my diagnostic report to the support email.