Terminal command "open ."

When typing into the terminal command

open .

The finder window that opens is unresponsive, as seen below

When opening finder through any other method, it behaves as normal with the original unresponsive finder in place. Any way to make the open . open total finder instead?

This is another reincarnation of the “ghost window” bug:

I’m going to focus on it and fix it in the next release 1.9.2.

btw. Do you use the Visor feature?

Yes I use it a lot, was skeptical of how practical it was but it is much quick than any other methods I have tried before.

Also, it would be great if the finder window when set to an animation of 0, would re-appear in place rather than appearing back in the bottom.

Great work on these products, I find that it provides what OS lacks for its developer community where efficiency is important.

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Good news! This annoying “ghost window” bug should be fixed in TotalFinder 1.9.2 (beta):