TF 1.5.14 causes endless finder growth (under 10.8.5)

The recent update caused my Visor to start growing, apparently endlessly off the screen. Had to ForceQuit Finder. Launching TF again, same thing. Uninstalled 1.5.14 and re-installed, same problem. Downgraded to 1.5.12, no problem.



I’m going to work on this one. Multiple people reported this issue.

I’ve released a fixed version 1.5.15:

Thanks for reporting! I’m sorry for the problems.

Is there a way to download the beta update without using the built-in updater? I can’t launch 1.5.14 without that issue cropping up.

Go to the changes page and click the version number. That’s how I got the revert version to downgrade to…

1.5.15 seems to be working great, I haven’t had the infinite resize issue! Thanks for the quick turnaround.


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