TF 1.5.5 Still doesn't fix (all) folders on top

… my Mac has Swedish as it’s primary language.

When grouping by Type (Kind? can’t remember the English), my folders are still not on top.

I have a feeling that this could also be an issue with Finder / Mavericks, because I note that when I group by type (even without TF running), that the groups are sorted by an odd order… but now I think Mavericks is sorting the groups in English, while displaying the Swedish strings (although I’m not sure why “other” appears below spreadsheets (unless in the English version Other is always at the bottom).

So, while much has been improved (thank you), one of my favourite features… folders always on top, no matter what view, is still broken.


I will look more into it this week. Fixing Folders on top and dual mode quirks under Mavericks is my top priority right now. Hang on there.

What I have noticed is that when not sorting by type, folders are on top. As soon as you switch to Sort By Kind (Kind and then Name), it sorts alphabetically by the ‘name of the type’. Meaning, Type:Documents are listed first, then Type:Folders, then Type:PDF, then Type:Spreadsheet, and so on… So if the Type:Folder name (meaning the actual label that OSX gives to folders) was ‘1Folder’ then it would always be on top since nothing comes before 1 alphabetically. Hope that’s descriptive enough. I could provide some screenshots if that will help.