TF 1.9.0 opens external drives in new window (no tabs)

Opening any new folder is fine except for when I double click to open one of my external drives from my desktop. Doing this opens in a new window as opposed to a new tab in my existing Finder window. Even with all other Finder windows closed, the drive’s instance is still opened in a new, non-tabbed window. If I try to open a new tab in the XHD window with Command+T, it opens another new window with tabs.

Ah, you are correct. My new code thinks those mounted volumes are mounted DMG files. DMG files look bad if they have custom background and TotalFinder adopts them.

A temporary solution would be this Terminal tweak:

defaults write com.binaryage.totalfinder TotalFinderDoNotIgnoreDMG -bool true

You have to restart via CMD+OPT+ESC and then launch /Applications/ again for this to take effect.

I will try to solve it and get back to you.

workaround will do the trick for now - thanks for getting back to me!

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I have just implemented a more robust detection of DMG files. This bug will be fixed in 1.9.1.

To remove the flag:

defaults delete com.binaryage.totalfinder TotalFinderDoNotIgnoreDMG

fantastic, thank you for the super quick fix! looking forward to 1.9.1

TotalFinder 1.9.1 is out:

Unless I’ve done something totally wrong (not an unusual thing), the problem is still there. I downloaded and installed the 1.9.1 update, click on a NAS disk and get the same No Tabs problem.

Okay, I just checked and it’s working correctly on another machine. For some reason, it didn’t install the update. Did it once again and it’s working fine. I should have known it was on my end :smile:

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Thanks for the confirmation.