TF 1.9.1 with System Integrity Protection DISABLED?

I have a legacy audio driver (M-Audio) which requires SIP to be DISABLED when in use. Unfortunately this seems to mean that I can’t use the latest Total Finder, which I have successfully installed but which will only run if I enable SIP.

Is there some way around this? Can I somehow use TotalFinder with SIP disabled? Thanks for any suggestions!

TotalFinder should run just fine with SIP disabled (csrutil disable) or SIP partially disabled (csrutil enable --without debug).

You should be able to check “do not show this message again” to get rid of the dialog which prompts you to enable SIP again.

Thanks Darwin - I did what you suggested and it seems fine. Thanks for your quick response - it’s always refreshing (because it’s so rare) when one finds an efficient and friendly support service!

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