TF Prefs Window Looks Strange after 10.11 to 10.12 update

I updated my iMac from 10.11.6 to 10.12.6 and now the preferences window can appear strange.

See the attachment. It’s not a big deal but wondering if I can do something to resolve it, or if it’s on your end?

Thanks for reporting. You are a second person observing this. I will look into that.

I investigated possible causes and I didn’t find a problem on my end. Do you still experience this issue (after Finder/TotalFinder/System restart)?

It looks to me that your system could be running out of GPU memory or something like that, because that black area is associated with vibrancy effects. It should be disabled for this preferences window, but it looks like something failed when this view component was tasked to render itself.

Anyone else seeing this?

I currently don’t see the issue, but I have seen it now and then. I wouldn’t say it’s a big problem anyway, I just wanted to make you aware of the possible issue.

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