TF randomly stop running. Need to restart TF manually

TF works well, but sometimes when I come back to my Mac, TF in not running anymore and Finder is there, so I need to start TF again manually.
I’m using the trial version now. This will fix when I will buy my license?
Thank you.

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No, buying a license won’t fix this.

This sounds like Finder (with TotalFinder) silently crashes and system restarts for you. You should be able to find some Finder crash reports via /Applications/Utilities/ -> Crash Reports.

You may consider sending one or two recent ones to

Hi darwin.
In Crash Reports I can see only a “cupsd” log, nothing about Finer or TotalFinder.

Could your support team help me solving the issue if it still will happen after license registration?


The support team is only me :slight_smile: It will be difficult to track this down. My wild guess is that some other software is restarting gracefully. For some reason, e.g. trying to install its own extension/tweak. TotalFinder is not injected automatically in case of crash or gracefull restart. It might be also related to to “Automatic Termination” or “Sudden Termination” of by macOS[1]. Maybe your system can get low on memory and macOS decides to kill Finder to free up more space. I think this is unlikely, because I don’t se similar reports from other people.

To give me more context please run this in

touch ~/.debug-totalfinder-injection

TotalFinder should then start logging extra info into ~/.debug-totalfinder-injection.log, I would like to see that file after you observe the issue again. Please send it to


Hi there,

Same issue here. Since over a week I also noticed Totalfinder was not active / running after a “wake from sleep” of MacOS 10.15.6

When I wake my Mac the first thing I notice is that quick key command to open Visor doesn’t work.
(re)Starting Totalfinder fixes it.

I will try and run the terminal command the next time I plan to leave my Mac running for a longer time.

Robert Guezen
Tilburg NL
(TF user since v1.3.1 bought way back in 2011 :wink:

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I’ve send the command in Terminal, but I did not understand where the log file is located. :frowning:

It is a hidden file in your home folder named .debug-totalfinder-injection.log (note the starting dot)

The following terminal command will print its content (last 10k lines):

tail -n 10000 ~/.debug-totalfinder-injection.log

You can do:

tail -n 10000 ~/.debug-totalfinder-injection.log | gzip > ~/tf.log.gz

And then send me the tf.log.gz from your home folder as an email attachement (it will be visible in the Finder)

I wanted to reply to say I’m having this exact same issue. Total Finder will often not be running after my Mac wakes from sleep. Also Finder in general seems to be less stable. Honestly it ran so much better under Mojave, I hate Catalina but it was required on the mac I upgraded to. I’ve loved TotalFinder, is it still under active development? It seems there has not been an update in some time.


Just like @UomoMacchina wrote, “TF works well, but sometimes when I come back to my Mac, TF in not running anymore and Finder is there, so I need to start TF again manually.”

In my case, I’m using:
. macOS Mojave version: 10.14.6 (18G6032)
. Licensed version of TF v1.12.3
. MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012) [ CTO ]

Any injection, any help? pls

Thank you… \o/

Just to say that I have no more stop since 10 days (I did not reboot my Mac) after installing v1.13.1.
Thanks to darwin for his useful support. :slight_smile:

A workaround:

Please run this command in

touch ~/.totalfinder-injectalways

A then please install latest beta version of TotalFinder:

This flag works since TotalFinder 1.13.1. It will inject TotalFinder every time Finder relaunches. Not only the first time it sees Finder relaunched. This should fix the case when there is some other app/utility relaunching Finder for whatever reason.