TF spontaneously switching spaces (regression)

I am currently on 1.5.31 of TotalFinder. The most recent couple pre-release versions have been exhibiting the unwanted space switching bug for me (that I had not seen since back around version 1.5.8-ish).

Anyone else noticing this?

I’m not aware of any intentional changes which could affect this. But TotalFinder is pretty fragile in this sense. Let’s watch this issue. I need more people to confirm it and pin-point the triggers.

This thread may be relevant:

I saw that thread.

I don’t know if this is consistently reproducible or not, but what I noticed this morning was that if I switched to an empty space - one with no apps and no windows in it - by four-finger swiping from an adjacent space (which is a gesture that I am using all-day, everyday to switch from one space to another) I would suddenly get switched back to a space that had windows in it.

I haven’t been seeing this behavior for a long time and it definitely coincided with a recent TF pre-release update.

Is there any way to downgrade?

You can download all past releases here:


FWIW, I downgraded to 1.5.29 and haven’t seen any space-switching since.