Thank you for color labels! (and feature request!)

Thanks so much for bring back color labels - HUGE fix for me, and I’m still scratching my ear on why Apple doesn’t get the different function between labels and tags. Sent them my comments, doubt that means much, so that’s why I’m thrilled that you’ve brought the feature back. The only gap I’ve seen in how Total Finder fills this void is when doing a “save as” from an application (e.g., downloading photos using Image Capture), and in this case the color labels don’t come through. Not huge, but nice to add if you’re still working on this.

I have another request for your suggestion box: I discovered the labels change when I installed Mavericks, of course, but before that I had been clinging to Snow Leopard SOLELY for the scroll bar arrows that used to be located at the top and bottom of scroll bars – OH, how I miss those! Sent comments to Apple (along with an army of other users, if the Apple Forums were any indication), but the clean/streamlined agenda seems to be winning out over functionality in this case, too. It turns out that a fair number of disabled users relied on the arrows to scroll because of dexterity issues using a mouse. For me, they were invaluable for chunking through huge PDFs or other documents in a manageable fashion. Maybe this is something you could add to Total Finder…?

Thanks again for your great product!

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