Thank you

You probably don’t get told this enough, but thank you for continuing to work on TotalFinder. I’ve tried other finder “Replacements” but honestly they cause too much of a ‘hiccup’ in my working from day to day. TotalFinder just neatly puts itself within finder and ‘just works’.

I appreciate the effort you’ve made into continuing to create the enhancement in spite of the various challenges and frustrations you’ve had with SIP, OS changes etc.

Keep up the good work.


Thanks for your kind words. I’m not going to invest huge amount of time into new TotalFinder features, but I will at least try to keep existing features available. That means updating TotalFinder to work with new macOS/Finder versions, if possible.


You should reconsider working on new features… I think there’s a lot of us out here who - thanks you to - can actually have Finder be useful!

Unfortunately SIP decreased TotalFinder sales to a point where it is not really economically viable for me to work full time on it. I would have to come up with a new ‘killer’ feature which would convince new people to install/buy TotalFinder despite the SIP inconvenience…

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I had abandoned using TotalSpaces2 after the SIP “inconvenience” but just thought I’d check if something else had come out to give me back the old spaces — I had to to a bit of navigating through your website to realise that temporary deactivation was sufficient and am very happy to have TotalSpaces2 installed again on my computer running HighSierra — so, from my side, too, THANKS for your work. Maybe you can bring sales up with a bit of clever advertising/clearer disclaimer on your website explaining the simple procedure which is probably accessible to almost all those who would still like to use the old spaces! Despite a strong spam-allergy, I wouldn’t have minded receiving an unsollicited email from your part informing me that there is a workaround which makes it possible to use TotalSpaces with SIP activated, for example, … maybe you can get back in touch with some of the users which simply gave up like me and are not informed… Anyway, main message, again, thanks, well done, I am very happy to have TotalSpaces back!

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