The notification graphic appears offscreen; requires reboot to fix

I just downloaded the trial version of TotalSpaces 2, and the notification graphic sometimes appears below the visible space of the screen. In other words, after a couple days of use (never powering down and thus, never quitting the app), the notification graphic is barely visible clipping the lower screen boundary.

I rebooted TotalSpaces 2 and this process proved annoying; I have “hide menu bar icon” enabled, which leaves no way to tell the app to quit except for turning that option off and then quitting through there, or else killing the process.

After a reboot, the problem was gone, however I don’t see why this happens in the first place.

Yes, clearly that shouldn’t happen. What is your monitor configuration? (Do you use more than one display? If so, do displays have separate spaces?)

I do occasionally have a second monitor connected; it has separate displays on it (such that they move independently of each other). The issue was noticed with only the internal LCD panel on my Air displaying things; the second monitor was disconnected.

I remain puzzled how TotalSpaces could get the wrong idea about the size of your screen. Any chance to capture a screenshot of what it looks like?

With both connected, the external is 1680x1050 native and the internal lcd is 1440x900.

I can confirm this happens to me time to time as well.

It happened just now when I did the “Show Desktop” gesture on the trackpad with my thumb and three fingers, if this helps in any way.

I am not connected to any external monitors.

Here is what it looks like:

@romebop just cracked it. The five finger gesture to show the desktop + a desktop switch gesture from TotalSpaces causes the notification window to go off screen.

Thanks, great, I’ll try to reproduce it here.

Confirmed. If you use the gesture to show the desktop whilst the notification is still onscreen (and fading) then it will be moved to the bottom of the screen. Since the window is removed from the screen by the time the show desktop is cancelled it is never replaced to its correct position.

It is possible to get it back to the right position by just partly activating the show desktop gesture just after you have changed space (whilst the notification is still showing).

However, now I know what causes this is should be straightforward to prevent.

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