The suffering is continues people need a cure

Bought new air with m1 and realized that total spaces are not working anymore. There is only one reason I bought total spaces - remove workspaces transition delay which drives me crazy. Maybe instead of supporting total spaces, someone creates an app called “Apple animation headache cure” and puts a price on it for about 100$ because people like me value mental health much higher than money or some fancy features. I understand that it’s maybe not an easy task but it is certainly easier than the whole total spaces functionality support.


Yes we are working on a new version, but modifying the system to completely remove the space switching animation time is not a possibility on M1 (we can hide the animation, but the actual delay remains).

If we do find a way to do it there is a lot of people that would be very happy (including me)



Just wanted to mention that I fully agree with you regarding Apple’s abuse of animations. It’s a total disgrace and disrespect to the users.

The scourge of animations and other UI convulsions started mostly on Lion. While many of them can be disabled through some obscure hidden tweaks, some animations cannot be disabled. Being myself a developer, I submitted countless reports to Apple regarding this issue - with minimal effect.

Windows has a checkbox to disable animations. Android has an option to disable all animations (one of the reasons I switched to Android years ago). When will Apple wake up?


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Have you tried the checking “Reduce motion” under System Preferences > Accessibility > Display? Note, it does for other system animations too which sounds like what you want anyways. It changes the slideover animation into an almost instantaneous fade/cross-dissolve. Hope this helps somewhat!

It is possible to completely disable the workspaces transition delay on M1.

See here:

I can confirm that this works on my M1 mac running macOS 11.4.

Would love to see this functionality come to total spaces :slight_smile:


thanks a lot for your link, did not know about this amazing tool, for those who still need a cure, I made instruction:

Few steps need to be done:

disable SIP:

  • Load your in recovery mode hold power (top right corner laptop button) until message options received chose “Options”
  • Open terminal - utils > terminal and write csrutil disable and check if it is disabled csrutil status and restart computer

Install custom fork of yabai utility made by this person Apple Silicon M1 · Issue #725 · koekeishiya/yabai · GitHub by command: brew install --HEAD xorpse/formulae/yabai

Most likely if you read this few months after yabai have already official support of m1 so you might not need to use fork and generate self signed certificate.

Generate certificate by this instruction Installing yabai (from HEAD) · koekeishiya/yabai Wiki · GitHub
Run sudo nvram boot-args=-arm64e_preview_abi at the terminal and restart computer. Run yabai service by cmd brew services start yabai.

Install and run skhd utility to bind hotkey with shell commands (follow GitHub - koekeishiya/skhd: Simple hotkey daemon for macOS). Create ~/.skhdrc to bind workspace focus commands, for me it is:

alt - 1 : yabai -m space --focus 1
alt - 2 : yabai -m space --focus 2
alt - 3 : yabai -m space --focus 3
alt - 4 : yabai -m space --focus 4
alt - 5 : yabai -m space --focus 5
alt - 6 : yabai -m space --focus 6

# toggle window zoom 
alt - 0 : yabai -m query --spaces --window | grep '"type":"float"' && yabai -m space --layout bsp;\
          yabai -m query --windows --window | grep '"floating":1' && yabai -m window --toggle float;\
          yabai -m window --toggle zoom-fullscreen;

# change active windows on the current workspace
alt - i : yabai -m window --focus prev
alt - o : yabai -m window --focus next

Enjoy instant workspace transition