There is a slowdown each time I copy or paste files

I have an early 2013 MBP with 256 GB SSD. Total Finder 1.7.12 on OS X 10.9

Total Finder freezes every time (with the spinning beachball) I copy several files from one tab or window to another.
I select files, press cmd+c, and it hangs for a few seconds before finishing copy operation. These can be small text files or images.

Copy and paste in Finder works okay.
Also, with the freshly launched Total Finder copy and paste work great for some time. And then the slowdowns begin.

Do you see a beachball or any other indicator of it “hanging” apart from the file just taking time? I may have just seen this myself today on my 10.9 system.

It goes like this:

  1. Select several files.
  2. Press cmd+c
  3. “Edit” in the menu bar becomes blue (highlighted)
  4. In a second or two beachball appears for a second or two
  5. Beachball disappears and you can use the Finder again

Paste then works as fast as usual.
Number and size of files being copied doesn’t seem to matter much.