To keep screens' ordering

Hi, thanks for the app, I use it a lot and really helps me on a daily basis :slight_smile:

I’m sorry in advance if I missed an already existent topic or config about that. This is just a feature request if it’s possible to implement.

One thing that I find annoying is to rearrange all the screens if I delete one in the first position, e.g. if the position 1 is deleted, all is shifted to the left, making me shifting manually to the right. I see that I can enable circulation and thus bringing one screen to the first position would shift all the others to the right. However, I don’t want this behavior, because it’s bad for me for other scenarios. What I think would be the best fit would be the screens to be fixed after you place them there. After I arrange them manually, if I delete a fullscreen app, it creates a blank screen in that position. This is also different from having each app in one position, because I have like 3 or 4 chromes and intellijs, for instance.