Total confusion with Dual Monitor Setup

Hi there :wink:
I read for a while now but actually I have some big issues with TotalySpaces and so I register today.

I am using TS in Version 2.8.12 with HighSierra Beta 7. Since I updated last week to HighSierra beta I have the following behavior which I dont understand:

using an iMac and a second Monitor. SIP is deactivated. TS dont show me the Overview Grid no matter if I click with the mouse on the menue entry or if I configure a Hotkey (for example the middle Mouse Button) - nothing happens.
I try to configure the Hotkey under System preferences of MacOS to start Mission Control … then the overview showed up but without the spaces names that are usually on top.
Another Problem is that no matter how much Spaces in columns and rows i define in the Overview Grid every Monitor shows only his own grid …hm my english isnt perfect :wink: I will try to explain what I mean:
I used TS in a very simple way so far. because I use my second Monitor often with Windows 10 ie to play a game I find it very useful to use the Overview Grid to pick up a “lost” App Window that I forget sometimes on the second Screen. During playing a game I maybe want to look something on the Mac and found the App window is not visible because the second Monitor is in use. via the Overview Grid I can pick up these Windows and put them back to the first Screen… is that clear what I mean? :wink: . In Sierra I was able to do that with TS but now I can not find the right configuration again under the Beta.
It would be fantastic if somebody can help me with that. Thank you so much in advance…

There might still be some issues with dual monitor with High Sierra, I’ll look at it.

Thank you for taking note of it… meanwhile i updated to Highsierra Beta 8 (Public) but there is no change…
any news about that issue from your side?

Thanks for reminding me, I’ll let you know what I find.

Actually I have been checking this out in beta 8. One thing that comes to mind - do you have “Displays have separate spaces” checked in Mission Control prefs? If so I think you should uncheck that so you can see the spaces from both screens on your main screen.


Hi Stephen

No its unchecked…but nevertheless each screen shows only his spaces.
Before with this configuration I was able to see all spaces on the main screen…

beside that another question: Where is the right place to configure the Shortkey "Middelmouse Button"
In System Preferences Mission Control? or right inside the preferences from TS ?

Thank you for stay close to my problem :wink:

You can configure the mouse buttons in hotkeys prefs in TotalSpaces.

I will check how things work with displays do not have separate spaces mode with dual monitors, I’ll get back to you.

This version has a fix for the overview grid when using “displays do not have separate spaces mode”.

Please try it and let me know if it fixes your issue.

great :wink: . it works now

Thank you very much for your patience and your help

great support

greetings Matthias