Total Finder 1.10.10 not able to start after last update on High Sierra

Hello there,

i have installed latest updates from apple. Now I’m with ver 10.13.4 (17E199) of the OS. Total Finder tries to start but crashes after every restart. This is the report from it:

I have tried to reinstall fresh version, removed SIP to complete installation than have recovered SIP but this not helped. It cannot start at all.

Tzvetelin Vassilev

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Hi, Did you manage to resolve the issue somehow?

From the crash report it does not look as direct TotalFinder fault.

The issue seems to be related to Icon View. Could you please try to trash TotalFinder and Finder’s plists? That should reset Finder and TotalFinder into factory defaults also maybe setting default view mode to list view.

In please execute these commands line by line:

osascript -e "tell application \"Finder\" to quit"
cd  ~/Library/Preferences
rm com.binaryage.totalfinder*

Yes, it helps. Thanks a lot.

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