Total Finder 1.11.0 doesn't work in Sierra

Yesterday I downloaded and installed TF 1.11.0 and when launched I got a dialogue about csrutil having to be disabled in 10.14 (I think it said), but I am running 10.12 (Sierra) with csrutil already disabled. I deleted the latest version and reinstalled the previous one and all is working fine again.

This is interesting. You are second person reporting this.

The truth is that I implemented special Mojave installation workflow which should be triggered on Mojave systems. It looks like something went wrong and it gets executed on Sierra as well. I will review my code. Expect a fix in the upcoming 1.11.1 (pre-release).

I found the issue. I made a mistake in macOS version detection code when deciding what installation workflow to present.

Fixed in TotalFinder 1.11.1:

Thanks Antonin, it’s working fine now.:grinning: