Total Finder 1.11.8 and Default Folder X 5.3.7 (1397)

The “Finder-click” function (choose a foder by cliccking on its Finder window) of Default Folder X stopped working with the last DFX update 5.3.7 (1397).

Can you help bring it back?

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St. Clair Software answered me:

“hold down the Option key and choose Preferences from Default Folder X’s menu in your menubar. In the “additional settings” sheet that appears, turn on “Finder-click shows windows from all Spaces”, then click OK.”

And works!

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Great! Thanks for getting back to me with a resolution.

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Wham, bam, baby! Amazing how the little things can bring such joy (first world problem :frowning: ) Thanks for the sleuthing , hachepunto!