Total Finder 1.13.8 on BigSur - Sidebar disappearing


I am facing the following issue occasionally. Sometimes the SideBar disappears for some reason but the menu item at View->Show Sidebar is disabled. To enable I need to Relaunch the Finder. Then the menu item gets enabled again and I can show the Side Bar. Then I can star the Total Finder again. And it works for some time until it fails again.

What could be the issue?

Thank you

I have been seeing this too. I have noticed tha tit only happens when finder opens directly to my home folder. if I open to any other folder it is. fine. I can then navigate to my home folder. I set my new fiber windows to open to the system with all of the drives in the right hand pane. this make it work fine then I can just click on my home folder on the sidebar and it will goto it. I hope that they get this fixed and running on M1 soon I really am missing it a lot on my M1 MacMini