Total Finder 1.4.26 causes "crash" w OS 10.8.5

I’ve had a number of problems with Total Finder. V 1.4.23 is stable on OS 10.8.4 (Laptop) but when installed on 10.8.5 (iMac), the iMac freezes after a number of hours, and after doing a hard reboot, Spotlight re-indexes the hard drive. This same behavior was observed with recent earlier versions of TF, on OS 10.7; I had to delete TF and upgrade to Lion to get a stable system. I will delete TF 14.23 and await an update.

I installed TF 1.4.23 this am on my iMac not recalling I’d upgraded to OS10.8.5 recently. I have the Console Crash Log since the install. Crash log sent 18Sept.

Thanks for sending the crash log retac – .26 is also out, perhaps that’ll solve it.

Do I have to re-install .23 and check for updates to access the latest beta? The website only list V.18 on the logo.


.27 is the latest ATM

I just looked at your output and it looks like you are using multiple Finder plugins.

At least SugarSync and SIMBL. Please try to remove uninstall them one by one to see if it helps. Maybe TotalFinder conflicts with some.