Total Finder 1.7.12 & Default Folder X 5.0.4 Compatibility

The Default Folder X 5.0.4 has a new Drawer function which is basically a pull down holding place on Finder (using 10.11.5 beta 4 but also happened in 10.11.4). Very handy place to store things you will reference later.

When TotalFinder 1.7.12 is active the DFX drawer toolbar button shows on Finder window but does not activate the pull down drawer on the bottom of Finder window. If TotalFinder is inactive it works as advertised in DFX.

It would be great to resolve this compatibility issue in a future version of TF. is the DFX vendor.


Would you be able to take a screenshot or record a video to help illustrate the issue?

I have emailed you 2 videos to review, with and without TF active.

I wish this would work too…

Other issue: the Default Folder access from the toolbar ( always opens the location in the right side when in dual mode (even if clicked from left side).

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Every release of TF and DFX I test the drawer in the hope that it will work !

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Total Finder 1.12.3, Default Folder X 5.4.5.(2852) in May 2020 and are not yet supported in the Drawer. Is anyone working on this?


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