Total Finder and Network Locations

Just doesn’t work for me. I can see the location but TF cannot open the networked destination (normally a server). I quit TF and use the Finder and the network location can be opened instantly.

Any thoughts?

What TotalFinder version do you use? What kind of network location it is? How do you access it? How could I reproduce it?

I have just tested latest beta 1.5.35 with shared folders from some other Mac and it worked as expected:

  1. enabled File Sharing on the other Mac, shared some folders
  2. in my TotalFinder in sidebar I can see the other Mac under “SHARED” section
  3. I can click through and open shared folders as expected

Darwin here are the details…

TotalFinder Version is 1.5.35. The problem has occurred on earlier versions

Screenshot of TF showing network locations:

Screenshot showing result immediately after trying to open MTRJ008

Screenshot showing results when going back and trying to reopen the CBP4srv01. Note the connection indicator in the bottom right hand corner was continuously spinning

When I quit TF the connex to the server and the shared drive works every time.


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Should have said when using the Finder the connex etc works every time