Total finder and sonoma

Is there ever going to be an update for total finder to work w/ sonoma OS

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hope the devolvement or beta is coming ASAP

i have installed xtra finder for the time being. (but that one also has some problems with the finder windows and diables menu bars)

Hi and a happy new year!

How does this one look? Any hope?

[As you can see, I’m a demanding non-paying customer! :smile:]

I (re)installed TotalFinder 3 days ago on Sonoma 14.4.1 & for what I need it has been working near perfectly. My main requirements are (in order):

  1. Automatically adjusted column width. It drives me crazy that Apple with more than 2 decades to address this have still not thought it necessary. TotalFinder :white_check_mark:
  2. Visor - double tap a key (e.g. CTRL or ALT or CMD) & it pops up the Finder window. Whilst I have managed to get this to work using a keyboard shortcut in Raycast or even Keyboard Maestro, TotalFinder (TF) once again is more reliable :white_check_mark:
    One issue about a year ago that made me abandon TF was that when I was changing screens (Airplay, Monitors, etc.), the tabs would be “whited out” and in some cases unresponsive. So far in three days of streaming & connecting, I have only had white outlines around the tabs & when I resized the Finder window, that went away.
    So I am very happy & the coloured sidebar icons are nice. Yes, it is a bit of a rubber chicken waving exercise changing the security settings in macos for TF to install & work correctly but …
    Hope this is of use.