Total Finder Mojave

Well, the day has come. I ordered a new Mac Mini which shipped with Mojave. I’m trying to love Path Finder but Total Finder is still better.

My main machine still has High Sierra but soon enough I’ll have to update it to Mojave.

Because I rely heavily on these Macs to make a living, I’m not comfortable disabling SIP as trivial as that may be or seem.

I know it’s a lot of work but I as well as others I’m sure would be willing to pay extra for a version that works in Mojave without workarounds.

Please let us know if there is any chance of this happening.

There is almost zero chance I would be able to make this work under SIP fully enabled. Code injection into system apps is something SIP tries to prevent. If there was a (theoretical) way how to circumvent it, Apple would quickly fix it in next OS update.

You can disable SIP just partially, but you still need to allow code injection and disable filesystem protection via csrutil enable --without debug --without fs, see more details here:

I personally disabled SIP on my machine fully and I believe that I can still enjoy some benefits of SIP existence on the platform. If most people have SIP enabled on their machine then malware/spyware authors have much harder time spreading their malicious code and making money out of it, which makes it less likely they would even start developing such code for macOS platform in the first place. And that positively affects me as well although I personally have SIP disabled.

If you want to keep SIP enabled, the only other chance would be to implement whole Finder replacement app which would look & feel like Finder but with TotalFinder features baked-in. I rejected this several times because that would be too much work and I’m not sure how big the market for such thing could be. There are other file managers which are trying to serve in that space. And most importantly I personally would probably not use it. I would probably just revert to basic Finder with Terminal combo. The beauty of TotalFinder is that it was just a tiny add-on on top of normal Finder.

Thanks for the feedback. I just wanted to get a feel for if there is any chance of it happening.

Path Finder isn’t too bad but nothing will top the awesomeness of Total Finder.