Total Finder not refreshing pane content

Scenario: Macbook Pro 15 inch, mid-2015, OS X Yosemite v10.10.5 updated to the latest, Parallels v10.4.0, Total Finder v1.9.3

In Parallels, virtual machine from a 20GB file with Windows XP (don’t ask…), with Paperport (doc scanning app) set to save scanned docs not to the VM file, but to a Mac HD folder.

Once scanned and saved, I perform some modifications to files using Paperport, things like deleting docs, merge them, change their colour from grayscale to B/W, resize them, etc., and then I use Total Finder to preview and rename them, much easier than doing so in Paperport.

But I have found that TF does not update the state of the files: keeps displaying deleted files, it’s unable to refresh state of modified file. For example, in this listing:

the first two files were merged with the third one in Paperport, in the Parallels VM, so two first files are gone, but they keep showing in the TF listing. The rest of the files have been converted from grayscale to B/W, but TF does not update them, keeps showing wrong size (no size at all, in fact) and date.

And I don’t know how to force a refresh, an update of the listing.

Any hint, any advice? Thanks.

BTW, Path Finder shows correct sizes and dates…



Wait. This is not TotalFinder. You are talking about Finder’s functionality. I would bet that if you tried the same thing in normal Finder without TotalFinder running, it would behave the same.

I would guess that the problem is that Finder does not listen to file changes on some mounted “network” folders. This depends on filesystem the mount is using and whole virtualization stack. PathFinder might be polling state of the folder in such cases but Finder might not.

Please test this with normal Finder and report back. Frankly, this will be hard for me to reproduce, your setup is quite unique.

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I followed your advice and restarted Finder: now it shows correct sizes and dates, and works as well with TF, but as soon as I do another change in the VM, wrong size and/or date is shown in Finder, no TF involved. So you are right.

Anyway, I found a solution, one that works much better than restarting Finder everytime, a script that does the job:

Thanks for your help.



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