Total Finder on Big Sur - appleventsd

I installed beta version 1.13.4, deactivated SIP and also followed the message “sudo killall -KILL appleeventsd”. Nevertheless, Totalfinder does not start, I still get the message from Apple events.

Can someone help me? Is there a solution for this?

Edit: Ah, now I found it: “sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DisableLibraryValidation -bool true”

Please read this paragraph: should under normal circumstances tell you about the need to disable DisableLibraryValidation.

I hawe problem - notification TOTALFINDER:
“Troubles launching TotalFinder
Apple Events cannot be delivered.”

Could you please advise me?

Hi Michael, I have the same problem after installing Big Sur. This procedure []
does not help. I’ve been worried about that for two hours…

Ahoj Michale, mám stejný problém po instalaci Big Sur. Uvedený postup nepomáhá. Už se tím trápím dvě hodiny…

Because both of you are not willing or able to read. That´s obviously your main problem ;-). In my post there is an “edit” with the solution …and then a link in the next post. So what are you expecting now?

Please consider running this diagnostics script and send me your results to


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Ah, also please make sure you installed the latest beta version of TotalFinder:

I’m going to put in on the homepage

Everything fine on Full Big Sur :slight_smile: THX

i have a problem with total finder on macOS big Sur despite disabling system integrity

it is not working at all

any help?

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