Total Finder only partially active?

Stillborn Finder windows are launched when Total Finder is active.

Example Situations:
When opening a ZIP file archive,
When using “reveal folder” or “show in folder” commands (e.g. from Chrome downloads),

the files are unzipped into a new folder,
or Chrome opens the downloads folder,
or an existing folder is “revealed” or shown,

The folder in question is shown in a new Finder (not Total Finder) window centered in the screen. The folder:

cannot be accessed by mouse or cursor
cannot be dragged or resized or moved on the screen
cannot be cleared or closed
IS an active window: changes to files in the folder are visible (e.g. deletions, additions, renames) can apparently only be cleared from the screen by restarting Finder.

Totally defeats the purpose of using Total Finder.

Total Finder 1.6.18