Total Finder + Sierra help

Followed your instructions for turning off SIP in Terminal but still cannot start new Total Finder.
It doesn’t seem to have been turned off.

I REALLY like Total Finder and want to keep using it. Helps a lot locating files at a glance.

What do you see when you run csrutil status in Terminal?

It states enabled :confused:

I tried your procedure again this morning and IT WORKS :slight_smile:

Colored labels now showing very clearly. Love it!

When I enter "carutil enable --without debug"
then enter "reboot"
it says “command not found”

Hi @Brad: there’s a small typo in what you typed into the terminal. The command is “csrutil”, not “carutil”. Hope that helps!

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I just bought Total Finder last week to find out it does not work on Sierra ;-(
I have taken all the steps mentioned but i can not get it to work… see pictures

Does anyone have another solution ?
If I knew this before, i would not have bought this program.

The syntax in the terminal is:

csrutil enable --without debug

You have to type the “–without debug” or it won’t work. After you enter this, type:


and it should work fine.

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Thank you dennis bishop ! It works now :grinning:

And stopped working again. I can only start it manually. It does not start automatic even when i enable it.

Have you tried adding TotalFinder to the login list for the user account? You can do that from System Preferences > Users & Groups.