Total Finder using 100% of CPU

I’m using Yosemite (10.10.5. Just refreshed using the Combo Updater) and the latest TotalFinder (1.9.5). I just did the latest App Store Safari update and now TotalFinder is consistently sucking up about 100% of the CPU. I left it running overnight to see if it would settle down but no luck.

I tried turning off “Folders on Top” but that had no effect.

Needless to say, this makes using the Finder difficult. Anything I can do to get this figured out?

As a test try to disable TotalFinder’s tabs completely in Finder Preferences -> TotalFinder -> Tabs.

This will rule out the tabs plugin being the culprit.

As a second thing please try to sample Finder process in Activity Monitor (gear icon) and send me the dump to I might sport something there. Thanks.

Will turning off the Tabs cause it to forget the current set of tabs? I have several windows with several tabs/window that I’d really prefer not to lose. Is there some way to save the current windows and tabs before trying this?

I will do the sampling and send that along


Turning off the tabs module ended the high CPU usage; turning it back on caused it to use ~100% CPU again.

Unfortunately, I like the dual-windows feature and the tabs so turning them all off kinda defeats the purpose of TotalFinder.

Any luck with the sample file I sent?

Thanks for sending it. It was huge, but I wasn’t really able to tell what is causing the issue. It doesn’t look like any totalfinder functions are doing some busy work on sampled stack traces.

But I noticed that you have also loaded com.infinitelabs.FinderExt. Generally it is not good idea to mix multiple Finder extensions from different parties. Could you please try to run it without it?

Also that information that the TotalFinder’s tabs plugin is causing this issue is interesting. This narrowed down our search surface. Btw. you should also try to close tabs one by one and observe if that fixes the issue. I’d like to know which tab is causing this. It must be some edge case because I don’t hear people complaining about CPU usage these days.

Closing a tab that was displaying a transporter folder dropped the CPU load immediately so thanks!

I’ll also see what the infinitelabs finder extension is; I suspect it is old and I don’t use it so removing it shouldn’t be a problem.

Great. I’m glad you were able to resolve it.

btw. what was that “transporter folder”? Can you be more specific?

Transporter is a brand of NAS that has a syncing folder, similar to Dropbox. It was started by some ex-Drobo people, bought by Drobo and then sold again. There is a native app that manages the syncing.

The offending tab was showing a directory on the local folder that was synced to the Transporter. Closing that tab fixed the problem. I have another tab open to another Transporter local folder but it isn’t causing any issues.

Thanks. Maybe it would cause the same issue with plain Finder too (without TotalFinder running).

As far as I can tell, it doesn’t cause the same issue with plain Finder; I see no CPU spikes when browsing those folders with the plain Finder. I can do some tests, if necessary, but it’s working now. :slight_smile:

Now, to be fair, I haven’t tried browsing to that folder with a plain Finder tab, just a regular Finder window.