Dear All,

It is crazy times , and Apple is really going wrong. Many professionals users complains now, so do i…
Here is my matter :

I need this 2 modes

  1. Total Finder for coloring the folders
  2. Coverflow to easily select my pictures.

=> For getting Coverflow running under Mojave it is easy, you just have to copy the (from high sierra) inside the /System/Library/CoreServices/ and this runs pretty well.

But my problem is this one, when i do this , i totaly loose the colors and running of TOTALFINDER that i have…

Could you help ?
If i can success to have both, i will be really happy and can continue to work for still 5 years more with my best macpro (2013) computer.

Honestly, if Apple still continue to do stupid things, i will leave them…sadly because the S.Jobs area and Snow leopard was the top for me.

Thanks for all replies