Total Finder won't launch, crashes on start

Hi There,
I recently submitted several crash reports after Total Finder stopped working on my MacBook Pro running Mac OS High Sierra (10.13.3). The problem started, perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not, after I installed Global Delight’s app Boom 3D (audio enhancer). I have since uninstalled Boom 3D completely, hunting down every last system file. I’ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Total Finder, but it continues to crash upon launch. Total Finder is such a must-have app for me, I’m happy to abandon Boom 3D to get it back. Please help!

Thanks in advance!



Could you please run this diagnostics script for me?

Just for record here is my email answer:

Thanks. It looks like an unrelated crash to TotalFinder. I would bet that Finder alone will crash as well.

btw. this person has exactly the same crash:

You could try to trash your Finder’s plist, to see if it helps:

good luck!