Total Space isssue

I have three terminal(screens). I set up 4 workplaces on each one. All is good until I reboot …

At reboot all the workplaces allocated to the last terminal (Apple LED Cinema display) are going the primary one who now has 9 (one is parallel) and the apple Led has only one ??

The second display is fine

I’ve been living with it since the I bought it, but starting to bug me.

Can you help ??

Tks !


For some reason on some machines OSX moves the spaces between displays when the machine restarts. It’s an issue others have had also, although I can’t reproduce it myself.

I made a small app that’s a plugin to TotalSpaces2 that can move your spaces to the right displays. Actually it does a bit more - it can remember and restore different spaces setups for when you have different displays (or no external display) plugged in.

Here’s the download:

I hope that helps.