Total Spaces 2 not saving state before restart

I’m testing Total Spaces 2 and so far everything was fine until I needed to restart my mac. Total Spaces 2 didn’t save the state. I had to drag all my windows to their correct places after restarting.
Is this the correct behavior or did I forget to set some option?


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This isn’t a problem TotalSpaces is designed to solve (although it drives me nuts too).

OS X 10.7 Lion introduced the ability to “restore windows” when rebooting, but not every app supports it.

There’s no way to uniquely identify windows between reboots, so I would need to use heuristics to guess at restoring windows.

I have added this post to the feature request so I can follow up with you if/when things progress.

What I have done to get around this is to position my apps in the Spaces that I want them, then right-click on the app Dock icon and select the “This Desktop” option. When I restart, the spaces are created and the apps are moved to the proper places. The only instance when this doesn’t work is with apps that I use in Full Screen, which populate Spaces as they are launched. So, not a complete solution, but possibly helpful depending on your use case.