Total Spaces fails after November security update to High Sierra 10.13.1

I installed the latest Mac OS-X security update on Friday and found that I couldn’t switch spaces in the normal way using finger swipes on a trackpad…

Sadly, I tried to go back to the pre-update state of my laptop using Time Machine and this corrupted my SSD/HD. So now, having re-installed 10.13.1 I want to get back with TS.

What news is there about compatibility with the latest Apple iteration?

David Perry

I haven’t been able to reproduce trackpad problems yet. I am just installing 10.13.2 beta 3, will test with that.

I have a similar problem after upgrading to 10.13.1
Changing space with hotkeys “alt+arrow keys” (or other combination with arrow keys) doesn’t work any more.

Hmm, I don’t know why that would be. Does TotalSpaces work otherwise - does the overview grid work for instance?

It may help me to figure out the problem to get some diagnostics, follow instructions here:

Same here - swapping between desktops using multiple screes has stopped working.

At least one solution we found that might help - one customer was using MagicPrefs, and it turned out that this was intefering with TotalSpaces.
MagicPrefs is no longer supported by its author, so all I can recommend here is to not use it if possible.